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SKU : 200004

Quantity: 6-7 ml

Smell: pasion fruit 

Colors: brown

This brownie lip gloss is perfect for a lightweight, natural result. moreover, its smell is like passion fruit, it is a lip gloss to put on every day. it contains coconut oil, vitamin E oil and jojoba oil which are natural oils that are perfect for hydrating the lips.


*For pigment Roxy Lip Gloss use a vegan colors pigment 

  • Shipping

    Roxy Lip gloss shipping process will take 2-7 business day to get to you depending on the country

  • Details

    This lip gloss tube is 115 mm long and 22 mm wide. It has a large brush that makes it easy to apply the product on the lips. This lip gloss tube can contain 8 ml of lip gloss, Our lip gloss has a shelf life of 36 months 

    Please contact us if you have any question 

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